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Pistachio Nut and Peppercorn Terrine


Terrines are French in origin and are best described as a pate featuring very coarsely chopped ingredients. Most often these ingredients include various types of game meats, nuts, spices and even seafood. It is a simple, rustic dish best served cold or at room temperature with mustard, french toasts and a fresh mixed leaf salad. Please note that this terrine recipe needs to rest at least overnight so make sure you allow that in your prep time. Once cooked and cooled, this terrine with last in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Rinse the peppercorns, drain and add to the bowl along with the black pepper.

Pour boiling water over the pistachio kernels. Once the water is tepid the brown outside skin of the pistachios will be easy to remove. Remove the skin and add the kernels to the mixing bowl. Add the veal mince, pork mince, finely chopped chicken, finely chopped chicken livers and salt into the bowl and crack the eggs over the top of all the ingredients. Now mix everything with your hands until it binds together well.

Place whole strips of the bacon on the base of a terrine dish* (with a capacity of 4 cups) and place some bacon around the sides as well - this will become the wrapping of the terrine once you turn it out of the mold.

Fill the terrine dish with the meat and pistachio mixture, pushing it right into the corners, smooth the top and then cover with the remaining strips of bacon.

Cover the terrine dish with aluminium foil and poke a few holes in the foil to allow the heat to escape. Place the terrine dish in a baking tray or large casserole dish that allows you to fill it with water approximately half way up the outside of the terrine dish.

Place in a pre heated oven and cook at 180°C (350°F) for 1hr 15mins – 1hr 30mins until the juices run clear and the terrine has slightly shrunk away from the side of its dish. Remove and leave for 30 mins then place a weight on top and refrigerate at least overnight. Wait 1 day before cutting the terrine.

You can serve the terrine either straight from the dish or you can invert it onto a board and slice it that way. If it is a little stuck when trying to unmold it, stand the terrine dish in hot water for a few seconds and then turn onto your serving patter or board.

* Jess and I love the Convent Lane cookware that we sell in our store, especially the terrine dish. It has been designed so that, once covered, a brick can be placed inside the dish - a perfect way to weigh down the mixture :) Happy cooking!

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